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Radio Interview Notice

Posted by Edward Arenson.M.D. on February 17, 2021 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (419)

  I will be interviewed tomorrow at noon Eastern Time by Dr. Jeanette Gallagher on Wellness Radio. She has read TO BE OF USE, and we will be discussing the book. I will answer her questions, and I anticipate spending some time discussing the topic of spirituality in medicine. Certainly, there is a discordance in medical practice between evidence-based medicine and the "art" of medicine. Both of these approaches and how they can compliment each other are discussed in the book. The trick is to avoid mixing science with faith-based medicine although both are important. I urge you to look for the program. I will post in a subsequent blog how best to access this interview. 

Press Release

Posted by Edward Arenson.M.D. on January 26, 2021 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (17)

Lavidge just sent a press release about my book, TO BE OF USE, which was released yesterday. We are already hearing back from several media outlets. This is the formal beginning of the marketing campain, and this is my first blog. I will be sending out something weekly regarding the book itself, responses that I have received, other noteworthy observtions, and commentary. I will also answer questions. I plan, if there is sufficient interest, to set up a real time chat format for those who want to have an interactive experience with me about the book or anything else that is appropriate. 

     One thing I will not do is practice medicine, so please do not submit personal medicadl questions. 

     My comment for this week regards the current frenzy over the various Coronovirus vaccines and the potential problem of dealing with people who are vaccine averse. I believe that, as time goes by and we see evidence of the benefit of the vaccines and the rarity of side effects, this problem with become managable. Certainly, we have just experienced a period of public disregard for science, data, and facts, so it should be no surprise that this might spill over into the issue of vaccine acceptance. We have seen the devastation associated with reliance on political views and emotional responses instead of science. Now it is time to return to reality and take appropriate measures to end this nightmare. 


Posted by Edward Arenson.M.D. on October 27, 2020 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (385)

I am excited to have published my first book, TO BE OF USE, Five Decades as a Cancer Doctor Including the Story of the Conquest of Childhood Leukemia. The book is newly released and is availble in a large, colorful paperback as well as eBook from nearly every source that sells literature.

I have also completed a manuscript entitled, FEATHERS IN THE WIND, Above Average Adventures of a Below Average Birder, which is being edited for submission. Finally, I of a book about my experience in Cape Breton, Canada entitled, A YANKEE IN CAPE BRETON. Below, I have included the Preface to TO BE OF USE which, I believe, captures the essence of the book. Look for my blogs to read samples of the unpublished books.





Be kind and be courageous---Anne Frank


In these many pages, I hope to provide an account of my fifty years as a cancer and blood doctor duriing which I was fortunate enough to winess,first hand, the dramatic events and heroic people who led us out of the darkness of nearly universal death from cancer to the light of curability. My own role was limited, but I believe that my experiential insights are unique and informative. This journey is presented chronologically, for the most part, but digresses occasionally into discussions which transcend the time line of this book. When I finally reach the present, I intend to use the preceding insights and lessons to pontificate briefly on where we might have lost our way, and how we might return to the right path (T'shuva, Hebrew , to return to the path).


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